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Waterbear is a creative platform for a multiplicity of projects coming from a combined mind from myself and Marta Maia, plus a merging with all our friends that collaborated with us. A lot of projects are on the pipeline for a near future and will be coming to you very soon.

WHAT WE SEE ' Waterbears are tiny, incredibly tough and resilient creatures that are able to survive just about anything. These guys are even able to survive in space and still call earth home. We believe that powerful and insightful content is just like a waterbear and we want to create the best conditions for this life form to proliferate. WHAT WE DO ' Of course a single waterbear can’t do much. But a collective of waterbears can go far, and hey, why not call space home? To bring to live more insightful content and to create things that matter we will partner with all other waterbears we find on earth, then, bit by bit, feed a community made to last.

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