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I like to get my hands dirty.

I started in film, worked in some blockbusters, rolled many meters of cable, was a camera operator, filmed many horses running, moved to the other side of the world, went to film school, and accidentally became a teacher.

Travelled around Australia shooting documentaries, cooking shows, music videos, photographed products and people, TVCs and designed terrible artwork, travelled more, climbed an active volcano, published a book, ride a scooter for fun, had my stints at long-form photo documentaries, was awarded photojournalism awards, love to take photos of strangers in the street and ended up in advertising and being a corgi whisperer.

What a ride, life is strange and beautiful!

I have worked with iconic brands such as Woolworths, Hungry Jacks, Petbarn, Stockland, Amnesty International, Discovery Channel, Eurosport, ABC and In my parallel life, I direct music videos and develop short and long-term documentary photography projects that aim to serve social purposes. This has led me to work with NGOs and exhibit social documentary projects in several countries.

My work has been screened, exhibited, and awarded in various countries, and I have been recognised as one of Australia's emerging talents in photojournalism.
I am now the Creative Director at the Montu Group, where I lead a dedicated internal team in the creative development of healthcare brands that resonate with people and make a meaningful impact.

My passion lies in taking a holistic approach to creative development, ensuring that brands connect with people at every touchpoint.

On top of all that, I am a social media manager for Boy and Bae, the sassy corgis.

Let's get it!







Dec 2020    Young Cairo      

                    Addis Foto Festival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sep 2020    Young Cairo

                    International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre, Brazil

Mar 2020    Clouds from the center of the world

                    Touch Is The Mother Of All Senses (Group exhibition) at Alpha House Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Nov 2019    Young Cairo      

                    Sun Studios Emerging Photographer Award, Melbourne, Australia

Sep 2019   Young Cairo      

                    Sun Studios Emerging Photographer Award, Sydney, Australia

Sep 2019   Young Cairo      

                   Paraty Em Foco International Festival,  Paraty, Brazil

Jul 2019    Young Cairo      

                   Helsinki Photo Festival HELPHOTO, Helsinki, Finland

Jul 2019    Clouds from the center of the world    

                   Global Multimedia Poetry Stands - Collective Art installation, Evora, Portugal


Jul 2019     Young Cairo      

                    Les Rencontres De La Photographie BYOB,  Arles 2019, France

May 2019   Young Cairo
                    HeadOn Photo Festival, Contact Sheet Gallery, Sydney, Australia

May 2017   Eastern Thoughts
                    Alpha House Gallery, Sydney, Australia

May 2017   Eastern Thoughts
                    HeadOn Photo Festival, Stirrup Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Feb 2017    Australian Of The Year, Portraits
                    National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Australia

April 2016  Outskirts

                    ZGallery, Sydney, Australia


Set 2019    Young Cairo      

                    Highly Commended, Sun Studios Emerging Photographer Award, Australia

Jul 2019    Young Cairo      

                   Winner Open Call. Finland, Helsinki, Helsinki Photo Festival

Jul 2019    Young Cairo - A young South-Sudanese living in Sydney's inner west.

                   Winner Best Image. Finland, Helsinki, Helsinki Photo Festival

May 2019   Young Cairo - A young South-Sudanese living in Sydney's inner west
                    Semi-finalist Portrait Award, HeadOn Photo Festival

May 2019   Young Cairo
                    Capture Magazine Top 11 Australasia Emerging photographers 2019 - Documentary/Photojournalism

May 2019   Portraits of a lost island
                    Capture Magazine Top 30 Australasia Emerging photographers 2019 - Portrait



Apr 2020   Young Cairo

                   Published in


Oct 2019   Young Cairo

                    Interview published by Sun Studios.

Sep 2019   Young Cairo

                    The Guardian, Next generation: Australia's emerging photographer awards – in pictures

Sep 2019   Young Cairo

                    Olhares, Portugal

Jul 2019     Photo essay: When the tourism steals the innocence (and identity) of a tribe in the South Pacific
                    Público, Portugal

Jun 2019    Young Cairo
                    Social Documentary Network

May 2019   Young Cairo
                    Capture Magazine, Featured as one of Australasia Emerging Photographers 2019

May 2017   Eastern Thoughts
                    Travel memoir. Photography: Vitor Queiroz. Text: Marta Maia

Sep 2017    Portugal: 2 and a half years later
                    Edge of Humanity Magazine

Feb 2016    Kat Sak
                    Anydoko Magazine

Feb 2016    Kat Sak                   

                    Social Documentary Network

May 2016   Outskirts
                    Social Documentary Network

Aug 2015   Red China
                    Photo featured in the 21st-century selection of New Street Photography by Lensculture. 







                                                                                    +61 410 288 398

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