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In December 2015 I had a unique opportunity to spend time in Anlung Pi, a small village in north Cambodia where I interacted with the local community, experienced their heart-warming hospitality, and observed their daily rituals. 

One of many reasons I went to visit to Anlung Pi was to learn about and participate in the activities of the local NGO Volunteer Development Children's Association (VDCA) - a small organisation that provides free education to the underprivileged children of Anlung Pi village who cannot afford the school supplies or monthly fees for public schools. 


The Volunteer Development Children’s Association (VDCA) was established in February 2005 by two Buddhist monks, Rathana Nn and Togh Main, who wanted to give some of Siem Reap’s poorest children a future that would not depend on begging. Since then,


VDCA is a grassroots organization, offering underprivileged children the chance for a better future by providing them a free education in Khmer, English, Cambodian morality, hygiene, computer courses and art studies.


Each year, there are more than 600 children who attend our VDCA schools in Siem Reap and Anlung Pi, Cambodia. We also provide opportunities for families to have a better life through education, training and community programs.


VDCA is entirely funded through our generous sponsors, donors and fundraisers from around the world.


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