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Colin Jones and The Delta Revue - Photo Essay

Walking into a space of performance and creation is exhilarating, I carefully watch my steps as I join the creative process of this amazing band, I don't want to disrupt the flow, only hoping (for a moment in time) to be part of it.

The music played flows through the cords, inaccessible to my hears but I can feel it! The energy floating in between the musicians, each one of them focused on their very own personal way, each of them diving into their own introspective world, all of them belonging, simultaneously, to each other's spaces.

The studio is a space empty of apparent harmony, filled by the beat of dry drums playing in a vacuum. Me as an observer, in my own microcosm, trying to capture a silent and sensorial insight into the not tangible, the inaudible, as if the clash of distinctive universes can only be captured fractionally.

Check the full Photo Essay here.

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