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When creating, my roots are always with me, our personal experiences shape who we are and reflect in everything we create.


I am a Photographer and Cinematographer based in Sydney and looking for adventures in all parts of the world.


I have been involved in a variety of projects, from feature films to documentaries, NGO photography, music videos and art installations.


It is a pleasure to be sharing my experiences with others, tutoring students in camera and visual storytelling at the Sydney Film School. Recently, I have joined the Broken Yellow team as a Cinematographer.


In March 2016, I had my first solo photography exhibition Outskirts at the ZGallery in Chippendale.


I am passionate about all types of creative collaborations, as long as they involve emotional experiences.

Vitor Queiroz, Cinematography, photography, head on, waterbear, eastern thoughts, travel photography, book, sydney, vitor queiroz, marta maia, skin, outskirts, documentary, photographer, portugal, film
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